Hon Austine Aidam JP attends the unveiling of the Billboards in support of Sen. Sandy Onor’s Governorship ambition

The PDP house of representatives flag bearer for AKAMKPA/BIASE Federal constituency, Hon Austine Aidam JP attends the unveiling of the 18 billboards to support the aspiration of senator Sandy Onor Governorship ambitions by the Chapter Chairmen of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), at the Caterpillar Movement Secretariat, 143 Ndidem Usang Iso Road, Calabar on Friday, 1st July, 2022.

While unveiling the billboards, the Chairman of Chairmen, Chief Godwin Igwe stated that “Your Excellency, last week at the Thanksgiving Mass, I whispered to you that our commitment is not just for you to see us, our commitment is total. The totality of our commitment is our desire to be part of the process that would bring better governance to Cross River State.”

Speaking further, Chief Igwe maintained that, “For we who are your foot soldiers in our various LGAs, want to partake from the beginning. That is why we’re here to unveil to you today, our commitment for Cross River, our commitment for this project, our commitment for sincerity and total support for the Caterpillar Movement and for the drive to bring good governance to Cross River State being headed by you.

“We are unveiling ‘The Face of New Cross River’. The face of new Cross River compass of your lieutenants who are the 18 Chapter Chairmen that have committed themselves to be part of this project from the beginning to the end”

Responding, Senator Onor said: “Chapter Chairmen, particularly, the Chairman of Chairmen. I just want to thank all of you and to say that I’m very delighted that you’re a team that is full of hope, that is run by ideas, that you’re genuinely committed to the success of our party. I am delighted and I would say it straight away that your labour shall not be in vein. I’m a party man, I was State chairman of party. I know how it is for party officials when a man emerges and he forgets them. It would never be your portion in Jesus name, Amen!”

He went further to state that his administration would run a consultative government as he said: “As we consult, we would consult you. As we land in Government House (and we shall do so in Jesus name, Amen!), you would be carried along. You would work for this party and you would reap; when you sow, you reap. We shall run a government that is consultative. We shall run a government that is grassroot oriented; I want our people to feel us. I do not want us to run a government where we would stay in Calabar and be pontificating”.

Speaking to News men, Hon Austine Aidam JP reiterated the need and importance to support Sandy Onor to ensure the party returns to Government House come 2023

Continuing, Hon Austine assured senator Onor of block votes from Akamkpa and Biase while admonishing the people to sensitize more people on the need to register for PVC given that INEC have extended the voters registration exercise till further notice

The unveiling of the billboards was a reflection of aesthetics, beauty and elegance, which was well attended by the senator and DG Caterpillar Movement, Chief Joe Obi Bisong, Chapter Chairmen, Ntufam Gabe Odu Oji, Dr Omang Ntui Hon. Friday Okpache, party faithfuls across the 18 LGAs of the state

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