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Nigeria @ 62; Hon Frank Ovat writes constituents

1st October is a spectacular day for every citizen of Nigeria because it is the day that we commemorate our nation’s Independence. This day reminds us of the sacrifices and obstacles our forebears faced to break free from the clutches of the British Empire and the responsibility expected of every one of us in building a strong and prosperous nation. Since 1960, we have no doubt recorded a bunch of successes and failures. Today, therefore, presents us with the privilege to appraise the journey so far, appreciate the achievements and opportunities of the moment and, project into a brighter future for the nation.

Freedom, they say is the greatest gift and as a people, it is only a privilege that we have this rare gift under our custody. As we celebrate this special day in our nation’s history, we must not forget the sacrifices of our heroes past, bearing in mind that, through their sacrifices, we now have a nation that we can call our own and it is up to us to bequeath on the future generation a better, freer and greater nation. May this day birth new opportunities for everyone in Obubra II state constituency, even as I urge you to embrace peace, shun violence, and contribute positively to the growth and development of our constituency, state, and nation.

Once again, Happy New Month and 62nd Independence Anniversary.

Hon. Frank Ovat,
Obubra II State Constituency,



Chief Publisher of BLU EEAGLE MEEDIA

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