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2023; Comrade Dan Obo Jnr visits the commandant of Peace Corps

The state chairman of NYCN-CRS Comrade Dan Obo Jnr paid a courtesy call to the commandant of Peace Corps of Nigeria

Speaking in the meeting, Dan Obo frowns at the peanut treatment Given to the peace corps while admonishing the Peace Corps that It’s time for the value of peace corps to be utilized for the good and Benefit of every Cross Riverian irrespective of Age bracket

According to Dan Obo, the reason why there’s no progress among youths is as a result of leadership thus the need to put up leaders with people oriented vision and youth inclusive governance.

In furtherance, Dan Obo emphasized on the need for collaboration between the Peace Corps and the youth council as regards 2023 elections

It’s important and needful to sustain the relationship between the peace corps and the youth council he stated

Without fear, favor or prejudice, I will say a lot is wrong with my generation hence the reason growth and development is far from us said Dan Obo Jnr

While appealing to the commandant that the safety, protection of lives and properties is part of their job and a lot needs to be done in 2023 Gubernatorial elections given that he will be in the ballot with a southerner

In response, the commandant said the time to take over leadership is now given that tomorrow is not Promised hence the need to make good use of what today has to offer

He reiterated that the peace corps Nigeria will be with him (Dan Obo) as a young person and a servant leader given that there have always been a synergy and good relationship overtime between the Cross River State command of peace corps and the NYCN-CRS chapter under his watch

The Commandant further eulogizes Dan Obo for being a friend and family to peace corps while admonishing the youths to reclaim thier mandate at all cost

According to the commandant, the youth council under the leadership of Dan Obo Jnr is top notch while lauding him for the selfless service to the young people

Highpoint of the occasion was guard of Honor for the state chairman of NYCN-CRS as the Governor of youths

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HOR 2023; Leadership is beyond politics but service- Hon Austine Aidam JP

The PDP flag bearer for House of representatives to represent AKAMKPA/BIASE Federal constituency, Hon Austine Aidam JP reiterated the need to provide selfless service to humanity and offer quality representation to the people rather than playing meaningless politics with the peoples mandate

Hon Austine Aidam made known to the people of Ehom during the voters registration sensitization excercise which has been in full force in the federal Constituency

Recall that He (Hon Austine Aidam) has facilitated voters registration exercise in many communities across Akamkpa and Biase where he personally moves around to ensure total compliance by the INEC officials likewise ensuring massive turnout of prospective voters

While addressing newsmen, Hon Austine said his utmost Interest is to be a good, committed and dedicated servant to his people instead of being eulogized as a good politician without positive impact on the people

Continuing, he emphasized that despite the fact that it’s through politics that people get elected into office, the welfare of the people should be sacrosanct and not compromised for selfish reasons

Leadership is about selfless service to the people, service to the down trodden, service to hungry, service to sick, service to people living with disabilities, service to both young and old.

And for me, diligently serving the good people of Biase and Akamkpa is exactly what I am coming to do

According to Hon Aidam JP, Service to humanity is what he has come to offer and his greatest joy and achievements is to see the common man of Akamkpa and Biase smile through empowerment, people oriented policies, meaningful projects, skills acquisition ETC

In furtherance, He said there shall be town hall meetings where the good people of Akamkpa and Biase will come together and contribute to quality representation because a good leader and servant must identify the problems of the people in order of priority instead of embarking on white elephant projects projects

I am not everywhere but the town hall meetings will help me to identify the problems and needs of the good people of Akamkpa and Biase given that my reason to contest elections is to serve them he stated

Hon Austine Aidam JP concluded by saying that “SERVICE BEFORE POLITICS IS HIS MOTTO”

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Dan Obo Emerges Winner of BLU EEAGLE Personality Of The week

Award winning Cross river state NYCN Chairman emerges winner of BLU EEAGLE MEEDIA personality of the week

Comrade Dan Obo is the cross river State chairman of the umbrella body of youths (NYCN)

Dan Obo is a man with vast experience as the Former Director General, Cross River State Recreational Park Agency, Likewise in the Youth council having been an LGA Coordinator of NYCN (Obubra)

His emergence as the state Chairman has proven beyond reasonable doubts that indeed there was a lot of job to be done in NYCN and as such Dan Obo is living up to expectations by delivering his campaign promises and more

Dan Obo as a ranking state Chairman of NYCN in Nigeria has brought initiatives that has propel the youth council to greater heights an as such changes the narratives as regards youths inclusiveness in politics and governance ETC

He (Dan Obo) has held youth submits in all the LGAs of Cross River State, Ensure smooth and transparent process of electing NYCN ward Councillors in the 196 WARDS of the state

His focal point is the youths involvement in Governance rather than just being mere spectators in the political terrain

Getting youths to the board room is Dan Obo’s priority and he has achieved which is evident in the recent appointments of Governor Ayade where Young people are now senior special assistant and advisers respectively

Dan Obo Jnr is the first and Only chairman that brought aspirants to consult the youths instead of the opposite as it was before

Dan Obo Jnr is selfless hence the reason he has provided the youths with a secretariat (YOUTH HOUSE) Instead of spending money on personal needs.

Dan Obo Jnr held the first ever cross river state youth convention with delegates across the 18 LGAs of the state

Dan Obo Jnr in collaboration with his Deputy, Engr Joel Henshaw held the first ever sports fiesta

Dan Obo Jnr is the first NYCN chairman to introduce free skills acquisition for the young people of Cross River State

Even as a politician, He doesn’t play politics with the council but rather admonished all to be politically incline and active in their various parties

Dan Obo Jnr is happily married to Obubra born Mrs Kwinta & the marriage is blessed with lovely Boys

Dan Obo is a leader to watch and indeed a rare breed

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2023; Hon Austine Aidam JP have exhibited uncommon wisdom, remarkable vision, and exemplary leadership – APC CHIEFTAIN

Akpet born public affairs analyst and APC Chieftain, Barr Ojah Ojah Evong reiterated that 2023 elections would be beyond party lines but personality thus the reason he is going to vote the PDP for house of representatives (AKAMKPA/BIASE) Federal Constituency which Hon Austine Aidam JP happens to be the flag bearer

Barr Ojah Ojah made this known while addressing NEWSMEN shortly after an event at ABINI community of Biase LGA

According to Ojah Ojah, Hon Austine Aidam JP is a fantastic role model for all those seeking to understand how to make an impact with their life, and he has in many ways proven himself to be a leader of ethics and morality.

In furtherance, Barr Ojah disclosed that he will support the APC in other positions but won’t compromise his position on supporting Hon Austine Aidam JP for House of representatives given that he will take the Constituency to greater heights..

In his words “I can’t be more loyal to the party at the detriment of my constituency so my loyalty first is to the people hence my support for a candidate that will bring quality representation to the people of Akamkpa and Biase”

Austine Aidam have exhibited uncommon wisdom, remarkable vision, and exemplary leadership likewise have been a role model and an example of selfless giving to this generation and I am proud to hold him as someone worthy of emulation he stated.

He has always been an inspiration to progressive youths like me as we strive to improve our democracy, there is no better time to que behind him as he delivers more dividends of democracy and good governance said Barr Ojah Ojah Evong

Continuing, Barr Ojah made known that he is joining other well meaning citizens of Biase and Akamkpa to support the aspirations of a young man with mouth watering track records that is solely on a mission to change lives.

Hon Austine Aidam JP I want to say a big thank you for your service to Humanity, thank you for your brave and fearless leadership, you are indeed an inspiration and I wish you Victory ahead & more strength to keep up the good works.

Barrister Ojah Ojah Evong
APC Chieftain and public affairs analyst

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ASUU Rules Out Suspension of Strike

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has ruled out any possibility of suspending the long-running six months old strike.

Speaking to journalists in Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital territory on Tuesday night, ASUU President, Professor Emmanuel Osodeke, accused the Ministry of Labour and Employment, chaired by Dr. Chris Ngige as a “Conciliator” for continuously creating more chaos in the resolution process.

ASUU had on February 14th embarked on a strike to press home its demand, including the government’s investment in the nation’s university infrastructure, and payment of members’ salaries through the recommended University Transparency and Accountability Solution (UTAS), among several others.

At the end of the 30 days, the federal government failed to end the strike which gave ASUU the ground to roll over the strike on March 14.

The union declared another 12 weeks of strike, thereby keeping the students at home.

Osodeke said the Union will not suspend the strike but will ensure it put a permanent end to it.

“ASUU, therefore, makes bold to say that the Minister of Labour and Employment has taken upon himself the role of unabashed protagonist in our ongoing dispute with the government of Nigeria for some inexplicable reasons.

“Dr. Ngige earlier stated that he was not the employer of university academics and advised the union to march to the Ministry of Education. Nigerians may wish to know why he has suddenly turned around to constitute himself into an impediment to an amicable resolution of the ongoing crisis.”

The Union said it remains focused on its goal of making the Nigerian University system internationally competitive and getting its products to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their peers in any part of the world.

“We appreciate the teeming Nigerians for identifying with our vision in this respect. We specifically acknowledge the support and sacrifices of our students (including our members who are running their postgraduate programmes) as well as their parents; they are our critical partners in this transformation project. We in ASUU shall do our utmost best not to let you down.

“ASUU appreciates your concerns and sympathetic support. We are as bothered as you are because we share a common interest in the Nigeria project. However, ASUU shall continue to be guided by the sacred canons of integrity, objectivity, and responsibility to which both academics and media practitioners subscribe.

“It is our fervent hope and desire that the current groundswell of interests would culminate in a convergence of solutions to this avoidable crisis in the overall interest of Nigeria Together, we shall win. The struggle continues,” he said.

Speaking further, Osodeke said if Ngige means well as a “conciliator, he won’t be putting roadblocks on the path to completing a process that has dragged for more than five years.

“The Ministry of Labour and Employment, as the chief labour ministry of the country, is principally expected to apprehend disputes between employers and employees with a view to settling such disputes.

“The Ministry shall normally await reports of disputes by either side to the disputes for settlement. When the Minister apprehends a dispute, he/she must communicate to the parties or their representatives, his or her own proposal for the resolution of the dispute.

“However, ASUU has always had serious reservations about the claim of “conciliation” by someone who has taken sides in the dispute, or by unabashed protagonist in the crisis such as the current Minister of Labour and Employment. It is antithetical to the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conventions (98, 151 & 154) on collective bargaining.

“It is against the principle of natural justice and the doctrine of equality for Dr. Ngige who carries himself as if he has personal scores to settle with ASUU and shoots down the Union everywhere it matters to assume the role of conciliator,” he added.

On the issue of funding of public universities, he said it has become the pastime of government officials to talk tough about billions and trillions of naira whenever the thorny issues of education and health sectors’ funding come up for mention.

However, he lamented that various sums of money in the same region which could have been deployed for human capacity development and public good usually develop into the thin air at the end of the day!

“ASUU believes that the idea of the availability of funds is a dynamic process. For instance, the government can mobilize funds from different sources including non-budgetary outlets like stamp duty, GSM, and alcoholic taxes.

“We are appalled by the recent calls by top government functionaries at both federal and state levels to establish more universities at a time agencies run by same Chief Executives are tightly squeezed for funding.”

“We restate our opposition to the proliferation of universities and other tertiary institutions merely for political gains or electoral value. Nigerians should read through the intentions of hypocritic political jobbers when dangling the carrots of siting institutions they have no intention of developing to compete with others in Africa and beyond.”

Reacting to the acclaimed breakaway faction of ASUU, Congress of University Academics (CONUA), Osodeke said the union doesn’t recognize any official faction.

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Hon. Austine Aidam Carries Voters Registration sensitization to Ojor Group of Villages.

The PDP House of representatives candidate for AKAMKPA/BIASE Federal constituency, Hon Austine Aidam JP takes voters registration sensitization to OJOR COMMUNITIES in Akamkpa LGA of Cross River State

Recall that Hon Austine Aidam is among the very few candidates that are ensuring voters registration exercise is in full force by sacrificing his time and resources

Having done so in BIASE, Hon Austine Aidam has taken the message to communities in AKAMKPA

According to Hon Aidam, The 2023 General Elections will be all about the Peoples Structure likewise Mandate served
by the People

It will be all about the People
Having their Say, Not solely depending on Government machinery he stated

Continuing, Hon Austine made known to the indigenes of OJOR COMMUNITIES that thier vote is the only power they have to root out APC led administration that has caused so much pains on the good people of AKAMKPA/BIASE and Nigeria as a whole

The power of incumbency Just Failed in Osun and will surely Fail in AKAMKPA/BIASE and Cross River State come 2023 said Hon Aidam

Speaking briefly in the event, One of the Chiefs Described Hon Austine Aidam as the DAVID that was anointed to lead the people even at a young age while assuring him of total support for the PDP in all elections

In furtherance, the chief said “Hon Austine Aidam JP, we know you, we believe in you, you are not a stranger but family member and the people of OJOR will support a family member with everything we got”

Event that held yesterday 07/07/2022 at Akamkpa had in attendance Party Leaders, chiefs, men and women of OJOR communities

Highpoints of the occasion was a short dance as the PDP candidate shared joyful moment with the people