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Eid-El-Kabir: Hon. Frank Ovat Felicitates Moslems

The House of Assembly Member representing Obubra II State Constituency, Hon. Frank Ovat has rejoiced with all Moslems as they celebrate Eid-El-Kabir.

Ovat in his goodwill message urged them to continue to imbibe the virtues of love, unity and peaceful coexistence, while praying for the country to overcome her challenges of insecurity and bad governance. He said that, beyond prayers, no nation can become truly great if her citizens are unwilling to sacrifice and discipline themselves for its greatness. He went further to beckon on both Moslems and Christians to sacrifice all within their reach to ensure the birth of the Nigeria of our dream. He also charged them to obtain their PVCs and vote the right people into government come 2023 general elections. He concluded by praying for open doors of happiness and prosperity upon all Moslems in Cross River State and all over the world.

“I celebrate with all our Moslem brothers and sisters on the occasion of Eid-El- Kabir. This season is all about sacrifice and discipline. And like you all know, no nation can become truly great if her citizens are unwilling to sacrifice and discipline themselves for its greatness. As you celebrate today, I urge you all to imbibe the virtues of love, unity and peaceful coexistence and to sacrifice all within your reach to obtain your PVCs and perform your civic responsibility of voting the right people into government come 2023”.


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Eid El’Kabir: Hon. chief Ralph Egwu Congratulates Muslims in Erei North and Biase On Eid-el-Kabir Celebration

The minority Leader and Councilor Representing the good people of EREI NORTH in Biase 7TH legislative assembly, Hon. Ralph Egwu has urged his constituents, especially the Muslim to use the period of Eid-el-Kabir to pray for an end of dreaded Coronavirus, Banditry, communal clashes and progress of EREI NORTH and Biase LGA as a whole.

Hon. Egwu made the call in his Sallah message to his Constituents which was made available to newsmen in Calabar on Sunday.

He also felicitate with Muslim faithful across the State and the country at Large for the successful completion of the Ramadan fast and wish them a pleasant and joyous Eid-el-Kabir celebration.

“I bring to Muslims warm greetings at this season of Eid-el-Kabir. It is a season of remembrance of the good things that the Almighty Allah has done in our lives

“I enjoin every Nigerian Muslim to be of good character and remain the best of examples, taking after the Holy Prophet (SAW). Let’s also pray for an end to insecurity and other challenges that we face as a nation,”

“While the Holy month of Ramadan was no doubt used to pray fervently for the end of the COVID-19 pandemic and its negative consequences on the society, I must urge the Muslim not to relent in their prayers but rather intensify them even after Ramadan.”Egwu said.

The lawmaker also advised residents that while enjoying the festivities, they should obey all laid down protocols of hand washing, face covering, staying at home and physical distancing.

According to Hon Ralph Egwu, there’s no love without giving thus the need to be practical in showing love by sharing the little we have with our friends, families and down trodden.

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Eid El’Kabir: Dr Ekpenyong Seeks Sacrifice and Support For One Another

The Director General of the Cross River State Primary Healthcare Development Agency, Dr Janet Ekpenyong has felicitated with muslim faithfuls in the state on the occasion of this year’s Salah celebration calling for collective sacrifices towards actualizing a Nigeria of our dreams.

In a message signed by the DG today Saturday , July 9th 2022, she said, the collective interest of the people should supersede individual objectives just like the Prophets of old did as recorded in both holy books of the Bible and Koran.

According to her , at a moment like this when the nation seeks transition from one government to another,, both Christians and muslims should align for the sake of the future and generation yet unborn just as United as the world was in Fighting various pandemics in the past, including Covid-19, Poliomyelitis, Cholerae, Malaria amongst others.

She urged all faithfuls to celebrate with all level of Consciousness and guide jealously their health which she described as “God’s perfect gift to mankind”.

“Today is another perfect day to celebrate our brothers and sisters in the other faith as we join the rest of the world to mark this year’s Eid’el Kabir celebration, a feast that reminds us of the need to make great sacrifices for others and for our nation.

Just like the Prophets of old, it’s a moment for us to rise up to the challenges our nation is facing, unite and collectively project the future we desire for ourselves and the generation yet unborn.

In this moment of celebration, I want to encourage us all to be conscious of our health, as we all know, good health is an ultimate gift from God almighty to all mankind, let’s try to encourage and support ourselves to utilize quality healthcare in our various Communities, knowing that the government of His Excellency , Senator Ben Ayade has revamped the health sector to meet increase and urgent demands.

I wish you all a happy celebration and a prosperous nation”.

Dr Janet Ekpenyong
Director General, Cross River State Primary Healthcare Development Agency

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VP slot: Islamic cleric, MBF, Afenifere, others reject Muslim-Muslim ticket

Prominent Nigerians, including frontline Islamic cleric have cautioned against same religion presidential ticket, saying it would exacerbate the religious tension in the country.

Since Bola Tinubu emerged the presidential candidates of the All Progressives Congress (APC), there have been arguments and counter-arguments as to whether he would pick a Muslim or a Christian as running mate.

Kaduna-based Islamic cleric, Sheik Haliru Maraya, said it was wrong for any Muslim to support a Muslim-Muslim ticket.

The former special adviser to the late Kaduna State Governor, Ibrahim Yakowa on Islamic Matters and Hajj, said a one faith joint ticket was at variance with the spirit of justice entrenched in Islam.

The cleric, in a statement, yesterday, said those promoting the Muslim-Muslim ticket do not wish the country well.

“I don’t think there is a Muslim who will support a Christian-Christian presidential ticket. Undoubtedly, the Muslims would cry out for the perpetration of injustice against them. Hence, it is wrong for a Muslim to support a Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket as it is at variance with the spirit of justice which the religion of Islam promotes and defends at all times.

“Those promoting the idea of a Muslim-Muslim or Christian-Christian presidential ticket, in today’s Nigeria, do not wish the country well, especially now that it is divided along religious fault lines. I wonder what the country would be should the various agitations in the land assume

“For a political party to have Muslims as its national chairman, presidential candidate and vice-presidential candidate, such a party is indeed not in a position to say it promotes and defends the spirit of justice, fairness and equity.

“Nigeria is a multi-religious country of more than 200 million people who are Muslims and non-Muslims. Hence, one can say that the country is owned by more than 200 million citizens who are of diverse religious background. In order to be just to all the citizens of the country, and also to balance the apparent religious sentiments prevalent in the country, Nigeria’s politicians and its major political parties have avoided fielding same-faith presidential candidates since the present political dispensation from 1999.

“In any event, the combination of people of different religious background, on a presidential ticket, appears to give vent to the constitutional requirement that the composition of the Federal Government and its agencies should reflect the federal character of the country, and the need to promote national unity, thereby ensuring that there is no predominance of sectional groups in the government, as enshrined in Section 14(3) of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria as amended.”

Maraya said the combination of a Muslim and non-Muslim, in a presidential ticket, in Nigeria of today, also gives vent to the spirit of justice, fairness and equity as enshrined in the religion of Islam.

In its reaction, the Nigeria Democracy Defence Watch, also warned that a Muslim/Muslim ticket would adversely affect its fortune.

Its National Coordinator and National Secretary, Ahmed Adamu and Adeniji Adegoke, in a letter addressed to President Muhammadu Buhari, yesterday, said the plan would portray Nigeria as an Islamic and sectarian nation.

The group said millions of Christians, moderate and progressive Muslims, civic groups, ethno-cultural associations and enlightened members of the international community, would rise against the ticket.

President of the Middle Belt Forum (MBF), Dr. Pogu Bitrus, said anybody contemplating that alternative was not thinking about the sensitivity of Nigerians and the situation at hand. He noted that Nigeria is currently polarised so much that such a move is capable of inflaming the country beyond anybody’s control.

Though President of the Arewa Youths Consultative Forum (AYCF), Alhaji Yerima Shettima, agreed that Muslim-Muslim ticket is not ideal, he said it was inevitable for the APC under the current circumstance.

“As it is today, considering the numerical strength of Muslim North, it will amount to a big risk and gamble for Tinubu to pick a non-Muslim from the North as his running mate. It is not because it is what I want but nobody can afford to gamble with a non-Muslim and expect a typical Northern Muslim to support that. It will be difficult, not because some of us want it that way, but that is the reality. I am sure if the APC had their way, they could have put a Christian from the North but considering the fact that there is mutual suspicion between Muslims and Christians in the North, it will be difficult for that to happen.”

He insisted that APC has no choice, even as he noted that the journey with be rough with such arrangement.

“The journey will still be rough for Muslim-Muslim ticket but it is a lesser risk for the party. So, I am sure they took the lesser risk above the major risk. An average Muslim in the North does not see Tinubu as his candidate; that is the sentiment.

“Tinubu knows the game and the Muslims in the North also know the game and understand the consequences and that is why they are picking Muslim-Muslim. It is unfortunate because ordinarily, we would want to see a situation where we can all be equal in this project; a situation where it does not matter your religion as long as you can give us the result. That’s my personal opinion but the reality on ground is different,” he said.

For the Director General of Voice of Nigeria (VON) and chieftain of the ruling party, Osita Okechukwu, there is nothing wrong in the arrangement.

He said it would not be politically wise for the APC to go with a Northern Christian, who is a minority in the North, since Tinubu is a also minority in the South by the virtue of his faith as a Muslim in the South.

“There is a huge difference between when a Northern Muslim runs a Southern Muslim presidential ticket, and when a Southern Muslim runs a Northern Muslim presidential ticket. A Southern Muslim is a minority in the South, therefore, may be compelled to choose a Northern Muslim who belongs to the majority in the North. Bear in mind that we are talking of real politicking, where victory is determined by numbers.”

But for a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr. Adetokunbo Pearse and the National Publicity Secretary of pan-Yoruba socio-political organisation, Afenifere, Jare Ajayi, it would be the height of insensitivity for the APC to run with a Muslim-Muslim ticket.

Pearse noted that the APC would be sending a clear message to Nigerians that it does not care about the unity of the country if it goes ahead with a Muslim-Muslim ticket.

“The APC will be telling Nigerians that their purpose is to win for the sake of winning, not for the sake of bringing unity or peace, if they go with a Muslim vice presidential candidate. A Muslim-Muslim ticket will further reduce the electability of Tinubu whose chances are quite narrow even now. Keeping in mind that the Vice President is selected and not elected, a Muslim- Muslim ticket, or a South-South ticket will represent a clear demonstration of insensitivity and political recklessness,” he said.

Though Ajayi said religion is not a measure of performance, he noted that agitation for religious balance has become a big issue in Nigeria’s politics due to lack of equity, fairness and justice in the way the country is being governed.

“The issue of religion, like the issue of ethnicity, becomes topical in Nigeria today because those governing the country, especially in the recent time, have shown deleterious and unbiased bias against those who are not of their faith or the same ethnic group like them. Because of the polarisation in the country today, the ideal thing is to have people of the two faiths combining – Muslim/Christian or Christian/Muslim. What I think we should stress more is good governance; the type that would ensure that equity, fairness and justice are the operational norms,” he said.

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SCHOLARSHIP by David Oyedepo foundation

The application for the David Oyedepo Foundation @davidoyedepofoundation 2022/2023 Scholarship is now open for prospective Covenant and Landmark University students.

Candidates who have 5As or Bs in WAEC and a very good Jamb result are eligible to apply.

Please note that applicants who do not meet these basic requirements should not apply.

Visit: HTTPS://WWW.PORTAL.DAVIDOYEDEPOFOUNDATION.ORG to apply and read other requirements.

Please use the portal’s live chat or email the Foundation at with any queries.

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OWO KILLINGS; Enough is enough- YOWICAN chairman blows hot

The chairman of the Youth wing Christian association of Nigeria (YOWICAN) Cross River State Chapter in person of Pastor Obia Ikika condemns the gruesome killings of christians

Pastor Obia Ikika in a press release condemns in totality the killings of christians in particularly the Sad event that occured on Sunday morning at a Catholic church in OWO area of ONDO STATE.

As the chairman of Youth wing Christian association of Nigeria (YOWICAN CRS) I call on the Nigerian government to immediately swing into serious action and bring the perpetrators of such barbaric act to book he stated

We can’t fold our hands and watch people die everyday in the hands of inhumane fellows in the name of banditry, boko Haram and whatever they are called said Obia

Continuing Obia Ikika ask for calm from all quarters while urging people not to take laws into thier hands given that the constituted authorities are would do the needful and serve justice accordingly

According to Obia, everyone deserves to live irrespective of tribe or religion thus nobody should kill another because of regional, political or religious clash ..

In his words “May God heal our land of all this atrocities”